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This page is reserved for released Beta versions of Kintecus.

CLICK HERE FOR Kintecus V6.8 BETA. This version fully supports :

  •  The ultra-accurate standard error calculation of fits known as bootstrapping now supports Global/local regression datasets for both global and local variable regressions.
  •  A fix for thermodynamic databases that have coefficients with positive exponents represented by a space such as "1.234E 32" (it should be read in as 1.234E+32) or "9.874E 12" (9.874E+12) The older versions of Kintecus would read them as "1.234" and "9.874". Note that exponents with lower case "e" such as   "1.234e 32" were always read in correctly by Kintecus.
  • The current package is missing the thermodynamic database for the butane model. For now, you can get that here (click here).

Also a slightly updated Kintecus V6.8 manual here.

Kintecus 5.9b beta (download rar file here, you'll need unrar to unrar the executable).

  •  This version should be able to handle all of LLNL combustion models 
  •  This version can also apply any type of constraints in equation form between any of variable or constants for use in regression/fitting.

  Several dozen LLNL models have been converted over to Kintecus. Several Biodiesel model surrogates, gasoline surrogate, diesel surrogates and their reduced models as well as some pure models (isooctane, carbonates, etc). There are also some organophosphate and TNT models from LLNL converted . 

    Also, the ck2kin (chemkin to Kintecus converter, click here to download) has been updated and should be able to handle most new chemkin models especially those at LLNL (where all the models below originated) and those at Combustion Chemistry Centre at National University of Ireland, Galway. The C3 lab has some useful models such as ARAMCOMECH 2.0 (2016/17) models which Kintecus fully supports.

BIODIESEL Surrogate 1

BIODIESEL Surrogate 2

DIESEL Surrogate 1

DIESEL Surrogate 2 (reduced model)

GASOLINE Surrogate


AramcoMech2.0 (From Aramco and NUI Galway)

Alkylaromatics combusion

C8H16_to_C16H32 Combustion



Organophosphate Combustion

TNT Combustion

New type of fitting with constraints example:

Sample equation constraint for multiple fitting of multiple datasets




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