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Here are some screen shots of the Graphical Interface for Kintecus:

*** NEW Plots from KintecusV3.8!! ***

scan_h2_concs.gif (80799 bytes)

scan_h2_temp.gif (65512 bytes)

H2_O2_sensit1_example.gif (36334 bytes)

bootstrapped_rate_constants.gif (26797 bytes)


*** NEW Plots from KintecusV3.7!! ***

An extremely important new feature is the capability to calculate model uncertainty
in order to answer questions such as:

What is the maximum dosage the patient can take?
What is the chance that the boiler/CSTR/PFR might explode or have low yield?
Why does the engine knock in real conditions, but does not do so under simulations
that use nominal values?
Why do some atmospheric simulations show high [OH] when experimental data shows
low [OH] concentrations or visa-versa ?

enzymeavg.gif (18534 bytes)

combavgrunHOX.gif (22923 bytes)

combavgtemp.gif (18564 bytes)


enzymemaxminzoom1.gif (16519 bytes)


Kintecus V3.7 Excel Macros now have the capability
to read the output from the "-o:y:y:y:y" switch:



Species_flux.gif (59532 bytes)

Reactions_flux.gif (65545 bytes)

Sysout.gif (37614 bytes)

thermout.gif (13590 bytes)

Temp_flux.gif (11884 bytes)


enzyme_Species_flux.gif (19278 bytes)


fit_plot.gif (24373 bytes)
enyzme_data.gif (29918 bytes)
H2_O2_plot.gif (21235 bytes)
temperat_plot.gif (16802 bytes)

etemp.jpg (295238 bytes)

ctemp.jpg (273372 bytes)

ttemp.jpg (217796 bytes)


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